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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tide Creek?

Tide Creek Financial Group provides comprehensive financial services that empower you to make more informed decisions that often lead to better results. Our team of financial advisors and planners believe in approaching finance from a holistic perspective, helping you to better understand the impact of each financial decision beyond how to invest your dollars. As a result, we provide you with a roadmap aimed at meeting your specific goals.

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What is your firm’s philosophy?

Our philosophy is that financial planning should be approached from a holistic perspective. Our team creates and maintains a financial plan to guide you and your financial behaviors towards your goals. Our goal is to help you navigate financial decisions with confidence and achieve the best financial outcome.

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Is financial planning right for me?

Financial planning is right for you if you do not have the time or interest to research financial information and are looking to accelerate your financial success. At Tide Creek, our team creates and manages a custom financial plan for your goals, and coaches you along the way. Tide Creek is for those looking to get financially-organized, create, and implement a sensible strategy, then maintain an on-going relationship to ensure their products and strategies continue to meet their needs.

On the other hand, you may be a do-it-yourself person who possesses both the financial IQ and emotional discipline to manage your own budget, investments, and decision-making. In which case, financial planning might not be necessary for you—though there might still be some benefits.

What does your firm charge for financial planning?

Our fee for planning and advice is based on the complexity of your situation. Before entering into a financial planning engagement with us, we will quote you a fee. 

What other products and services do you provide and how are you paid for those services?

We are compensated in a variety of ways, depending on the products and services you choose to purchase from us.  The three ways we earn income are as follows:

  1. Fee for planning services and advice*
  2. Fee for investment advisory services/asset management*
  3. Commissions for the sale of financial products


The sources listed above are not mutually exclusive and many of our clients engage us for multiple services, resulting in multiple compensation arrangements. 

Please note that the recommendations within the financial plans that we create are not exclusive to our firm and that clients who engage us in a financial planning relationship are under absolutely no obligation to purchase financial products from us or hire us to manage their investments as a result of our planning engagement.  

Having said that, financial planning is about generating better outcomes—not just better outputs. The correct application of the right product, in the right way, at the right time, is an essential step in the long-term process of achieving those desired outcomes. 

We have the freedom and flexibility to access multiple insurance carriers and investment managers, ensuring that the plan you implement is the plan that is right for you. 

What is your investment philosophy?

First and foremost, we believe investments are just one of many financial tools to achieve your goals. When it comes to investments, we believe that no one has the ability to predict the future or consistently “beat the market”. There is a significant amount of independent research that supports this position.

Instead of trying to beat the market or keep pace with an arbitrary index, we match your investment strategies to your financial plan’s requirements. We encourage a widely diversified portfolio of investments in equities, fixed-income instruments, cash, and—when appropriate—insurance products. We discourage making investment decisions based on media, rumors, and co-worker predictions.

Finally, we believe it is essential to stick to your plan and asset allocation—even when it may be unpleasant.