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Understand the Relationship Between your Plan and your Investments

Your plan and your portfolio should work in concert. Your plan provides insight into what type of investment performance you need to achieve your goals.  By understanding how hard your money needs to work and for how long, we are able to build a portfolio of investments that is aligned with those needs; avoiding unnecessary risk along the way. 

Understand Our Approach to Investing

We simply do not believe than anyone can predict the future, and, therefore, no one can consistently “beat the market.” There is a significant amount of independent research that shows this to be the case.

Instead of trying to beat the market or keep pace with an arbitrary index, we believe that by matching your investment strategies to your plan requirements, staying widely diversified, and limiting investment changes based on media, rumors and co-worker predictions, you can both benefit from the long-term earnings power of the market and achieve the return you need to be successful without unnecessary or excessive risk.

We also believe it is critically important to have the right asset allocation and location; that is, a diversified portfolio of investments in equities, fixed-income instruments, cash and (when appropriate) insurance products.

Finally, we believe it is essential to stick to your plan and asset allocation, even when it may be unpleasant.

Understand Risk

Up and down is okay; down and out is not.  That’s why it’s important to focus on the big picture and have an understanding of how your portfolio will perform in both up and down market cycles. 

We analyze our clients’ portfolios and determine if the potential for loss is too great relative to their personal tolerance for risk and time horizon.  The amount of risk in a portfolio should be monitored regularly to determine if it is still aligned with a client’s financial plan.

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