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Why Choose Us

We are educated.

Our financial professionals have earned various certifications, including CFP® certification trademarks which represent a high level of competency, ethics, and professionalism. 

We are comprehensive.

Our services are not limited to one particular financial discipline. We view your life from a holistic perspective, managing all aspects of your finances in tandem, according to your goals. As a result, we can predict how one piece will impact another, decrease the likelihood that any one piece will be overlooked, and lead you to make financial decisions that are designed to help you achieve a better financial outcome.  

We are a team.

We operate as a team of experienced financial professionals from different specialties. Therefore, we can see a client’s situation from multiple perspectives and collaborate to provide the best possible advice for their specific circumstances. This also allows us to stay ahead of the curve on the ever-changing tax, legal, and product design landscapes.

We plan before we implement.*

We analyze each situation to measure the impact of a decision or series of decisions before we give financial advice. As a result, our recommendations give our clients the best chance at success and achieving their financial goals.

*Note: Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial planning fee.

We coach you along the way.

Financial decisions are often made with emotionally and habit-driven behaviors. We provide frequent contact and structured reviews with our clients to ensure their financial wellness every step of the way. As a result, we help our clients make the right decisions—not just the decisions that feel right.

We are not biased.

Clients often ask if our products are limited to a particular company or brand, and the answer is "NO". Tide Creek has the freedom and the responsibility to put our client's interests first. We have relationships with several companies to give our clients access to a robust selection of investment and insurance products that are right for them.

We use industry-leading technology

We combine the best financial technologies with face-to-face advice to help you achieve the best financial outcomes. Our team uses in-depth analytics to determine your financial health and build a plan to help achieve your goals. We model what-if scenarios to demonstrate the effects of an important financial decision before it is made, then use the information to help you make the right choice. In addition, our Personal Financial View site will help you organize your financial life, with your own digital wealth management portal that aggregates accounts from institutions all over the world. You will have the ability to understand and manage your finances within a single, secure tool from anywhere in the world, right at your fingertips.

Ready to feel confident about your finances?

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