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Why Tide Creek

Because You Want Guidance

If you're successful in life, you'll eventually reach a point where your financial needs become complex enough that you shouldn't address them on your own or with generalized advice.  That's where we come in.  Our firm recognizes that not all financial decisions fit neatly into a box with a clear-cut solution and strive to provide forward-thinking advice that will keep you one step ahead.  Understanding how a series of decisions can impact one another, and how they align with your personal definition of success, are key considerations when making any important financial decision.

Our work focus' on you, what you want to accomplish; and most importantly, what you need to do to accomplish those things.  We want to help you understand the impact of your financial decisions and guide you toward the decisions that are most aligned with your personal goals.  Remember, just because it's a good idea for someone doesn't mean it is a good idea for you. 


Can I afford to retire?

Will my family be okay if something happens to me?

Can I afford to pay for college?

Am I doing enough today to prepare for tomorrow?

Because You're Ready to Make Progress

Your financial behaviors are the difference between setting goals and achieving them.  We work best with clients who are motivated to both receive and implement the advice and guidance that our firm provides.  We incorporate all the traditional aspects of wealth management that you'd expect from a full-service firm, including investment and insurance products, as well as a suite of services for the owners of small to mid-sized businesses.  But we believe what sets us apart is our ability to blend the correct application of these offerings with our ongoing advice model. 

The goal is to help our clients establish and maintain financial health by providing them with the necessary information to make good decisions and a platform to act on those decisions in a way that is both positive and impactful.  

If you want to avoid financial decision-making that is based on emotion, gain a level of clarity, and develop sustainable habits that can lead to long-term financial security, contact us today.  We will help you make more of the right decisions—not just the decisions that feel right.

Because You Want Experience

For over 20 years, the founders of Tide Creek Financial Group have helped clients made sound financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.  Our firm has grown into a collection of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, financial advisors, and support staff.  We possess extensive experience in comprehensive financial planning with a focus on retirement and estate planning for successful individuals, and well as retirement plan design and business succession planning for those individuals who also own small to mid-sized businesses.   

We are located in Maryland, but our technology allows us to serve clients across the United States, helping them achieve and maintain a greater level of financial health and security.  By combining honest, on-going advice and coaching, with the implementation of high-quality and situationally appropriate investment and insurance products, we are able to help our clients plan for and achieve a broad range of financial goals throughout their lifetimes.   

Ready to feel confident about your finances?

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