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Our Story

When two moms from Ellicott City decided it might be a good idea to let their boys play together, neither had any idea how far that friendship would go. Neighbors growing up and separated by just three days in age, Mike Havlik and Chris Varlotta have literally spent their entire lives working together. While quite a bit has changed over their nearly 40-year friendship, the closeness and comradery that their relationship is built on has remained constant and is visible in their firm today.

Chris began his career at MetLife in 2002 and after a brief stay at another firm in Baltimore, Mike joined a year later, forming The Havlik & Varlotta Group.   

In 2015 Mike and Chris saw an opportunity to expand and formally created Tide Creek Financial Group.  Since that time, the group has grown to include team members with various backgrounds and specialties, as well as customer service staff to ensure clients' needs are constantly being met.  While a lot has changed over the years, one thing has not: our commitment to our clients.