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Voluntary Benefits

Create a flexible enhancement to your core benefits package that allows employees to add the coverage that best-fit their needs.  

You value your employees and want to give them all that you can.  But sometimes traditional benefits packages are not enough to meet the needs of your workforce.  

A voluntary benefits package can compliment the benefits you're currently offering and help fill any potential gaps. 

How they Benefit Employers

How they Benefit Employers

  • little to no cost to the employer because employees typically pay for the cost of these benefits.  The primary costs (if any) being set-up and administration.
  • increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • increased employee productivity and financial literacy 
How they Benefit Employees

How they Benefit Employees

  • employees can pick and choose which benefits they value the most and take advantage of them. 
  • employee payment is made via payroll deductions, which is convenient for employees and easy for the employer to collect the premiums that are due. 
  • employees may benefit from guaranteed-issue or simplified underwriting for acceptance
  • employees may be able to lock in their premiums for life (specific policy types and restrictions apply)


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