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Why You Should Work with a Financial Planner

Why You Should Work with a Financial Planner

April 10, 2024

Many people don’t have a dedicated financial planner, but why? As someone who’s been one for over 20 years, I've witnessed firsthand the numerous benefits and rewards this partnership can bring. Even so, many still hesitate to seek professional financial guidance. Let’s explore some common barriers and misconceptions to help break through the stigma associated with this relationship and what it might actually yield.

The Challenge of Timing in Financial Planning

Finding the right time for financial planning is a common hurdle. Life is hectic and invariably busy, and it's easy to postpone planning for the future. The year is still young, and many of us have big plans for the months ahead. You know the story of good intentions… We'll sleep and eat better, exercise more, and spend more time with friends and family. We’re going to generally be better this year, even if we were pretty great last year. Financial planning naturally takes a backseat to all these other aspirations. While we set out with the best of intentions, when it comes time to act, that little voice says, “Wait a minute, this is new, this might be harder than I thought. Maybe we should wait until the time is better.” Or, “Do I really need to do this, or can I just manage it myself?”

Before we know it, six months have passed, and we’ve made zero progress towards our goals. This delay in our financial planning can mean missing out on numerous opportunities. The 181 days from January 1st to June 30th, for instance, represent 181 chances to make positive changes. Waiting for the 'perfect time' often leads to lost opportunities. Recognize that the best time to start is now, even if you’re not as ready as you’d like to be—that’s where the Tide Creek team makes it easy. We’re your guide and we help you manage change in really great ways, all on your schedule and within your limits.  

Personal Financial Planning: Overcoming the Fear of Starting

Embarking on the journey of personal financial planning can often feel intimidating, especially when you're starting from scratch. It's key to remember that the core of personal financial planning is indeed personal. It's a process that's unique to each individual, and comparisons with others' financial situations are not just unhelpful, but irrelevant. Our approach at Tide Creek Financial Group isn’t one-size-fits-all; it's tailored. The amount of money you currently have is less significant compared to your willingness to make progress and the extent of assistance you require. Every good plan has to start somewhere—why not here and now?

Our role is to offer support and, at times, challenge you. These challenges are designed not to intimidate, but to encourage you to make choices and take steps that are in line with your own financial goals and retirement wishes. It might be a challenging process initially, as it involves delving into aspects of your finances you may not have considered before. However, this detailed process of exploration is a crucial component in constructing and upholding a financial plan that’s meticulously crafted to support not only your current financial aspirations but also your future dreams (including your retirement wishes).

The Role of a Financial Planner in Risk Management

When you're working with us, we can help you develop a risk management plan. This is an important step in helping to protect your financial future from market volatility, unexpected life events, or changes in your financial situation. Simply put, this is the process of monitoring and dealing with the financial risks associated with investing. Diligent risk management can help reduce the chance of losses while ensuring that your financial goals are met—the market is a constantly changing thing, and having a guide with your financial goals in mind is key to risk management success! Whatever the reason, a well-crafted risk management plan may help you confidently rise above financial challenges, and mitigate uncertainty in investment decisions. 

See How Easy This Can Be!

Your financial planner is more than just a money professional; they should be a true guide in your financial journey. It's the distinction between having a casual chat and a deep, meaningful conversation. Unlike casual financial advice, a financial planner offers a relationship based on trust and focuses on your unique needs and circumstances. We feel strongly about making sure we offer more than just timely advice; we provide guidance that's tailored to your life's big financial decisions, including developing a comprehensive retirement management plan.

A relationship with Tide Creek extends beyond mere investment and insurance advice. It's about having a confidant by your side, helping to ensure that every decision you make is not just right, but right for you and your specific circumstances.

To put it simply, engaging with us is a step towards securing your financial future. Whether it's managing cash flow from assets, or developing a risk management plan that can also include a detailed retirement management plan, we’re a crucial ally. As we navigate through life's complexities, having a knowledgeable and understanding financial guide can make all the difference in achieving our financial goals and retirement wishes.

Ready to plan for the future with the experienced financial professionals at your side? We’re here for you! Contact us today!

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