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At Tide Creek Financial Group, we use a variety of annuity products to help our clients grow their wealth with a level of downside protection, or generate a stream of income that will last their entire life.  Our offerings are not limited to a particular type of annuity or insurance company, and are carefully selected, based on each client's individual needs, timeframes, and circumstances.   

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company designed to help you accumulate funds for a long-term goal (like retirement) and/or protect you from the risk of outliving your savings. 

They are one of the few sources of retirement income that can guarantee income for life. So no matter how you envision retirement, having the freedom to live life your way will depend, at least in part, on having a secure source of reliable income. 

How they work largely depends on the type of annuity being utilized, some are designed to help you accumulate savings for long-term goals like retirement. Other annuities focus on providing a guaranteed income stream that begins either immediately or in the future.

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