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Financial Wellness

Create a more engaged and educated workforce

We think that financial wellness is in everyone’s best interest.  When employees have a financial game plan for helping to meet the challenges ahead, they’re often happier, more positive and more productive.

Simply offering a retirement plan isn't enough anymore.  Today's workforce wants the knowledge and comfort that comes with a better-understanding of their personal finances.  In our experience, most employees don’t want to know how a mutual fund is made or the difference between a stock and a bond.  Instead, they often want to know if they’re saving enough to retire someday, if they’re doing all the right things today to provide for their families tomorrow, and that they’re ultimately going to be okay. 

Our financial wellness program addresses a multitude of financial topics and is designed to empower your employees to make better-informed financial decisions that are in their best interests.

Financial Wellness Topics

Financial Wellness Topics

  • Budgeting and Debt Management
  • College Funding Strategies
  • Insurance and Risk Management Strategies
  • Retirement Income and Distribution Strategies
  • Social Security
  • Legacy and Estate Planning
  • Retiree Health Care and Long-Term Care 
  • Planning for Special Needs 
  • Customized Employee Benefit Workshops

Financial Wellness Statistics