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Auto, Home and Liability

It's about more than just savings and discounts, it's about protecting the things you can't afford to lose.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance does more than just protect your vehicle from dings and dents.  In fact, having the correct auto insurance is an integral part of a well-tailored financial plan. If you do not have proper auto insurance, you could be personally liable for medical expenses and property damages totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This would wreak havoc on even the best crafted plans.  By integrating your auto insurance with your financial plan you can rest easy knowing you are properly covered against potential damages and liabilities.

Home Insurance

A home and your property are some of your biggest assets.  If you are not properly insured and your home's water pipes backup, you may not be covered.  If someone breaks into your house and steals your jewelry, you may not be covered.  A standard home owner’s policy does not cover all of the potential damages and losses you may face.  By making your home owners policy a part of your financial plan, it ensures that you have all of the extra coverages your personal situation requires to be protected.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

In today’s litigious environment, you never know when or for what someone may try and sue you.  If you are found liable you could loosed your home, your retirement or even your future earnings. Umbrella liability acts as a blanket on all of your other home, auto, rental and recreational insurance policies.  It increases your liability protection so that if a catastrophe does occur, you rest easy knowing that you are protected.  We insurance against what you can’t afford, not when you can.  

Commercial Lines of Insurance

Insuring your business is insuring your future income.  Disaster can strike in an instant.  What happens to your business if your storefront was closed for an extended time?  Would you be able to retain your employees or would you lose them to the competition?  What would happen if one of your key employees had to miss significant time due to an injury?  Proper business insurance means that when disaster strikes, you have peace of mind knowing that your business and income will not be affected.

Property and Casualty insurance is offered through a variety of quality insurance companies that are not affiliated with MML Investors LLC or MassMutual.

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